The Fundación IVI is the first one in Spain that has as fundamental reason to be the basic investigation applied in the field of the Human Reproduction.

The Foundation is the department of investigation, the scientific support of IVI.

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Fundación IVI


Avenida Fernando Abril Martorell, 106 -

Torre A, Planta 1ª, 46026 Valencia, València



Philosophy Fundación IVI

Currently, the developments in any area of the Medicine and, especially in Reproductive Medicine require of a basic investigation in which to support growth and evolution as well as a social projection for the information of the people that can be beneficiaries of these treatments.

With this philosophy, the Fundación IVI was constituted in 1997 and since then has gone expanding its field of work to develop the three fundamental pillar, which are today its backbone:

  • 1. Investigation:
    The objective is to prompt and to initiate new lines of investigation that permit to advance in the knowledge of the human reproduction, improving the treatment of assisted reproduction and diminishing its adverse effects. Fundación IVI was established as a meeting platform, analysis and interdisciplinary debate for the scientific and medical communities.
  • 2. Teaching :
    Divulging knowledge in matter of human reproduction, in order to create the necessary culture among professionals and citizens. The Fundación IVI carries out the diffusion through publications, courses and conferences of all the activities related to investigation, teaching and formation in the field of the reproductive medicine, the gynecological activity and the pediatrics, both in Spain and in other countries.
  • 3. Social Action:
    Cooperate in actions of solidarity and promotion of volunteerism to help low-income groups and people in difficulty through health care and collaborating in its development and social welfare.

The IVI Fundación, directed by the Professors Carlos Simón and Antonio Pellicer, is comprising a team of doctors, biologists, chemical, pharmacologists and biochemical that work in projects of investigation of great clinical and scientific impact in the field of the animal and human reproduction. In the Fundación IVI laboratories (cell cultivation, cell biology, molecular biology, study of proteins) they develop currently multiple lines of investigation: Embryo Implantation, Endometrial Receptivity, Proteomics and Metabolomics of Human embryo, Reproductive epigenetics, Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, Embryonic Stem Cells and Endometriosis.

The IVI Fundación operates as non-profit company and with functional autonomy, with the purpose to rend a service of social, educational, and scientific character. Currently, it has subscribed contracts of contribution with national and international universities, like the University of Valencia, Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe, CNIC, CICBioegune, Universidad de Jaén, the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) USA), and University Yale (USES) and Monash Institute (Australia). These agreements allow scientific cooperation in different studies and the utilization of infrastructures, services and platforms, like microarrays, flow cytometry, the confocal microscopy , electronic microscopy, proteomics to metabolomics. Besides, as external contributions the foundation has initiated lines of investigation with ANECOVA on Intrauterine Embryonic Cultivation; Ferring Pharmaceuticals on testing of drugs and the creation of new ones.

The Fundación IVI has its installations in Valencia (Spain), in which has built -according to European standards- laboratories of cell cultivation, molecular biology, study of proteins and diagnosis preimplantación. part of its infrastructure has been funded by FEDER.