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Social Action Foundation IVI

In the Social Statutes of the Foundation IVI is collected "the execution of social works inside the field of the Reproductive Medicine, the Gynecology and the Pediatrics with the purpose of supporting and helping people with low income, with the intention to offer them assistance, aid and planning to give solution to their needs, as well as any other purpose of promotion, development and strengthening volunteering" (art. 6th.3).

Projects in which we are working

Teaming: Since 2008, IVI has launched the project Teaming. Created by Jill Van Eyle, the Teaming is a supportive action that puts in contact the company and professionals directly with different supportive initiatives. Through the voluntary donation of 1€ in each monthly payroll, those workers that participate in the program contribute to the creation of a supportive fund. Yearly, the professionals of IVI propose projects of social cooperation to the ones that they destine the funds, and said projects are submitted to voting to elect the winner. Besides, in each edition, IVI contributes with an equivalent quantity to the collected among the workers. In the present edition 6 projects were presented, among those 3 were chosen for which the funds Teaming 2009 were destined. Nova Prevenció, an association dedicated to the prevention of addictive conducts and of risk in the youth, Fundación Carlos Martin, dedicated to the Improvement of the people life quality with intellectual disability and their relatives through the provision of services, and Foundación OIKIA,for the creation of workshops for carpentry destined to the insertion of disadvantaged children in Bolivia.
The philosophy of the Teaming is aligned with the values of IVI, permits to develop the spirit of teamwork, and is admirable that with a small joint effort we can have significant actions. More information in

Children's villages: IVI collaborates with the institution Childres´s Villages in different areas: with the assignment of a space in our clinics for campaigns of difusion and fundraising that Childrens´s Villages carry out and also, just like other Foundations that have a collection of curriculum, the department of IVI Human Resources iincorporates profiling applications that are difficult to place in their selection processes.

Plan for the Preservation of the Fertility in oncological patients. Since 2008 the FIVI vitrifies free the gametes (ovums and spermatozoa) of all those people to the ones cancer is diagnosed but that do not want to renounce maternity in the future because of the treatment of chemo or radiation therapy. In its commitment to preserve the fertility FIVI counts on the support of Bancaja and Merck Serono.

Background, our contribution

To comply with its social approach the Foundation has collaborated with the Proyecto de Salud Bandim in Guinea- Bissau, center in Africa of the department of Epidemiological Health of the University of Copenhagen to develop in a period of two years a health project to covers from the supply of material resources ( equipment that are renewed in our centers, basic medical material…) to formation of professional in situ with the contribution of medical know-how of our staff and the investigation projects financing and clinical assistance for the HIV treatment in pregnant women and to reduce mother-infant transmission Besides, inside "the promotion and cooperation in actions of solidarity, collaborating with the development and welfare, carrying out social and welfare services, with special attention to the collective and people with difficulties" (art. 6th.8), FIVI has signed different collaboration agreements with NGOs participating economically in projects related to their objectives.

Doctors without Frontiers

The collaboration with Médicos sin Fronteras was carried out inside the project JOHWAR in Somalia with primary attention to health and maternal-child health. Besides, in 2010 IVI carried out a fundraising campaign to collaborate in the reconstruction of Haiti which was donated integrally to MSF.

Intermon Oxfam

The Project of Intermon Oxfam was carried out in India and its objective is to improve the home sanitary attention of pregnant women (and postpartum) as well as the health of children under 3 years through training of community and at all times supported by a skilled health personnel.

SOS Children's villages

With Aldeas Infantiles SOS a different action has been carried out upon linking its objective of attention to the most disadvantaged children with the reproductive activity of our clinicals. Thus, with the purchase of some of the books exposed in our IVI centers that deal on how to live the experience of failing to have a child and the resource to the assisted reproduction, FIVI will destine 3 euro of the amount of the book to the supportive project of this


In 2008-2009 IVI collaborated with the Fundación Tren del Alma. Proposed by our IVI companions of Buenos Aires, Tren del Alma is a supportive initiative that consists of freighting a train-hospital that each year travels through the more disadvantaged zones north of Argentina lending sanitary attention and other basic service to the children that do not have access to these resources. More information in