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Conditions of application

1. The clinical research or basic research articles on Reproductive Medicine submitted for consideration must have been published between the years 2012-2016, both included. Those papers in press will only be considered if accompanied by a letter of acceptance from the Editor-in-chief of the journal. Both printed certification and those sent by e-mail shall be valid.

2. A maximum of 25 articles can be presented per candidate, typically the best 5 articles published each year.

3. Only original articles will be evaluated. Articles not classified, as the type mentioned above shall be excluded, such as reviews, editorials, summaries of press releases at Congresses, speeches and retractions will be excluded.



Deadline for applications is December 1st, 2016.

Assessment procedure

The Fundación IVI – MSD Awards will be given to the researcher who obtains the highest score as per the procedure described below.

Assessments of researcher´s articles will be carried out using the Journal Citation Reports Impact Factor of the journals in which the articles have been published in.

The total mark awarded to the researcher will be obtained by multiplying the Impact Factor of the journal the year that the article was published by the number of published paper.

Articles for which the candidate is the first or last author will be given priority on evaluation.

The candidate with the highest number of articles as first or last author will obtained a bonus of 50 points on the final score.

The Impact Factor of each journal is available in the scientific subject lists of the Subject Category Listing of the Journal Citation Reports Science Edition, published by the Institute for Scientific Information (Philadelphia, PA, USA). The Journal Citation Reports can be consulted on the ISI web of Knowledge platform from terminals located in the University of Valencia.

The Impact Factor of the Journal Citation Reports will be assigned according to the year the article was published in. If the last Journal Citation Report has not yet been published when the articles are assessed, the previous year Impact Factor will be used. Once the results of the assessment have been published the Impact Factor cannot be changed, even if the new Journal Citation Report has been published after the official results have been announced.

Should there be a tie between two or more researchers, the number of citations each one has obtained via bibliographic searches on the ISIWEB of Knowledge platform will be established.

To obtain the citations on the presented articles, the search option Cited ref search on the ISI WEB of science will be used. To prevent errors on the citation count as a result of homographs (two different researchers with the same surnames) or any other kind of discrepancies, the accuracy and relevance of each citation obtained for each article will be checked. The Fundación IVI awards will be given to the researcher with the greatest number of citations.

The awardee will present a keynote lecture during the 6th International IVI Congress, in Alicante-Spain 23-25 April, 2015 and will receive officially the award at the Gala Dinner. His/her presence will be mandatory for the 3 days of the IVI Meeting.


Scientific Secretariat:
e-mail: maria.delgado@ivi.es
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